Hello world!

Hey Guys 🙂 so i’m a textiles student in year 13 and i’ve decided to have my own personal blog, separate from the blog our teacher is making us do to give you some of my ideas and thoughts on my project this year which is upcycling. Now for those of you who have no clue as to what upcycling is, i’ll give you a one line description. it’s like recycling however you use the previous product to make the new product. Any less clueless? it’s like making a dress out of ties (which i totally plan to do this year 😉 )  so you have the product (ties) and you’re making a new product with them (a dress). Ok i’ll give you some photo’s of this beautiful thing and then i have to go to bed since i have to get up for work! fun fun fun! :S

    Tie dress…. told you it was awesome! 😉

Anyway that’s all from me for now i’ll explain my BIG project for the year next time…. or when i remember…. one of the two. xx

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