Not only are these boots adorable, but I think that they are dead on about recycling becoming more acceptable. So much has changed in the past few decades that there aren’t many things that can’t be upcycled! Everything has a purpose, and then a purpose after that, and after that… and well the cycle continues until it is literally unusable!


Upcycling. The new black?

I have always had an upcycler heart.

Some people are not even sure what this upcycling is all about. Its is some new fangdangled up hill bike riding?

Wikipedia says upcyling is taking waste materials or useless things and using them for a new purpose to keep them out of the our landfills. Others might say its art.

I have had that feeling, I hate to throw away things that could still be great in another way. Upcycling has become more acceptable, but in the past creative upcyclers have been considered hoarders or junkers. I think its amazing the things people can think of creating when others see trash.

Did you see those amazing boots? How cute! Support artists who keep “useless” garbage out of our landfills and show us how creativity can give you one of a kind items.

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