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My neighbor Shirley was showing us photographs from her youth. I smiled as I looked at images of Shirley and her classmates weaving ribbons around a flag pole that had been festively transformed into a May Pole on that sunny afternoon in 1940. And best of all….Shirley was wearing a…

What a day!

So¬†I¬†had and eventful day! Today I accompanied a group of Year 9’s or 9th¬†graders to ‘Bath Costume Museum’ it was rather interesting¬†I¬†have to say. They have loads of clothes displaying fashion from the 1800’s to the 1980’s I found it quite inspirational. ¬†Some of the¬†glamorous¬†dresses they had on display. Dress of the year 2011 on […]

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Quick project to pass the time‚Ķ.. I had an old chair that I used for my sewing chair. This old chair had been around for years and was a very useful chair. Today was the day it was going to have a facelift. We started with this – turquoise velvet…

Keep Moving Forward (which surprisingly we are!)

So the Fashion show! This has made substantial progress since¬†December¬†we have a date 23rd May! Clothes are starting to be made which hopefully we can make enough to fill a few racks with! And the lighting plans are being¬†discussed¬†at length! I’m Starting to get¬†ridiculously excited and hopefully we shall continue making lots of progress! The […]