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Pepperbox Couture


Quick project to pass the time….. I had an old chair that I used for my sewing chair. This old chair had been around for years and was a very useful chair. Today was the day it was going to have a facelift.

We started with this – turquoise velvet covered cushions and a wooden frame that had a patina of grime and years of use.


My sister dropped around the other week with a ton of coffee sacks left over from orders to her coffee shop.

Which was fortunate because I wanted something chic and organic to cover my chair in. It was a quick and easy job.

Here is the process:

1/ Dismantle the chair with a little coaxing and force.


2/ give the frame a really good sand

3/ remove at least one layer of upholstery; if the chair has been redone before – like this one…

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