What a day!

So I had and eventful day! Today I accompanied a group of Year 9’s or 9th graders to ‘Bath Costume Museum’ it was rather interesting I have to say. They have loads of clothes displaying fashion from the 1800’s to the 1980’s I found it quite inspirational.

 Some of the glamorous dresses they had on display.

Image: Dress of the year 2011

Dress of the year 2011 on display by Alexander McQueen

There was also a designer who is just starting to get big. Worked for Vogue, Dior, other names that were dropped in a brief life history. The kids got to sketch and try out different methods of designing.

I have figured what I’m going to do with the half finished tie dress. and what I need to do next for the fashion show! Like I said: INSPIRATIONAL!

So that was one half of the day! Tonight was also the Valentine’s Dance that I organised. When we got there we found that most of the decoration that we’d stuck up on Tuesday had fallen down. Happy Days! So we had to stick it back up with more Duck Tape. Then all the tables needed to be covered and Food had to be laid out more decorations had to go up. IT WAS STRESSFUL! And I’m not particularly good under stress but we got it done. The DJ was late and so the dance had to start late but when it got started it was alright! My Boyfriend is an awesome dancer and we did some amazing dancing together to ‘pencil full of lead’ – Paolo Nutini I’m sure he was deeply envied as none of the other guys could really dance. I like a guy who can dance!

And now I have finally made it home and blogged this all to you! All in all, stressful but fun! I work hard but I think I deserve to dance sometimes when I get the opportunity!

I will find some photo’s and post them. I need to find my camera! Then you’ll get photo’s till they come out your ears! 

I’m off to bed! I’m exhausted! Bye!

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