People actually used to do this! Such a clever idea!

RoofTop Creations

flour sacs

My neighbor Shirley was showing us photographs from her youth. I smiled as I looked at images of Shirley and her classmates weaving ribbons around a flag pole that had been festively transformed into a May Pole on that sunny afternoon in 1940.

And best of all….Shirley was wearing a flour sack.

Now here is the thing about our ideas about upcycling and repurposing….we sometimes forget recent history and mistakenly think that these are new ideas. We put upcycling into the same category as guerrilla gardening and yarn bombing, and we make it the domain of hipsters and Buddy Holly look-alikes.

But here was Shirley, proudly photographed in a smart, well-made dress…a dress made from a flour sack. I couldn’t stop smiling.

Shirley spent that afternoon telling Joe and I stories of going shopping with her family and getting to choose the flour and sugar and even chicken feed bags…

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