Helping out with the flooding in Calgary.

As many of you know Calgary was recently subjected to severe flooding. So i’m from England and i have cousins in Calgary. Luckily they are a lot higher up than where the flooding was. So we went over there to visit. And one afternoon we decided to go and help out with the cleaning up process. The house we went to was pretty seriously flooded, the owner hadn’t wanted anyone to help him and so he’d left his basement for about a week until the fire brigade had pretty much forced entry and coaxed this guy into letting volunteers into his home. Everything down there was pretty nasty. Everything was destroyed pretty much and the water was toxic so we were sent down there with masks, glasses and gloves. I don’t think i’ve seen so many volunteers. There were ladies dragging cool boxes and wagons of food and drink for the volunteers. The effort shown by these people just shows the love that these people have for their neighbours that they’ve probably never met. And this is through the entire city. There were thousands of people going to high river to help people move their stuff out of their houses because they’d been condemned. One family in particular that my aunt went to help had 48 hours to get their stuff from their home because it was going to be bulldozed. So many people lost everything. I really hope that these people find a way to rebuild their lives.


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