This is my blog about my upcycling project this year.

Upcycling is the idea of turning unwanted, useless or unfashionable items into something more desirable. For example i have started making a tie dress from unwanted ties at the charity shop or thrift store.So instead of recycling which downgrades the materials. We’re going up and creating something even more fantastic than it already was.

I’ve been really inspired by this and this year my main project is putting on a fashion show with my year 13/ senior textile class. The themes of it are upcycling and the 20th century as the main themes.

I’ll be posting lots of pictures of my progress as soon as I start to make stuff. In the mean time you can check out my Pinterest board of Upcycling:

Or check out my Flickr page which is full of my work that I used in my Portfolio for university. Most of the things there use recycled fabrics and lots of different techniques.


You can also check out my other WordPress blog which is filled with revision type things for my A-Level textile class, but it also has lots of 20th century fashion movements which are quite inspirational.


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