Dye in Style DIY Round Up

Originally posted on M&J Blog:
Ok, so you’ve probably heard about dip dyeing. The technique has been around for ages, but it’s picked up a lot of steam in the past few years with the resurgence of the DIY movement. We actually LOVE to dip dye at M&J, and one of our upcoming…

Tie Dyed Scarf DIY

Originally posted on M&J Blog:
SUPPLIES Basic White Scarf Bucket Rit Dye Rubber Bands STEPS Lay your scarf onto a flat surface. Slightly pinch the middle of your scarf. Once you have identified the middle region, begin twisting the fabric as shown. This will create a spiral tie dyed design. Carefully fasten your…

Waste not…Swap!

Originally posted on Recycle for Greater Manchester:
–Tina Harding, our in house Communications Officer discovers retail therapy that doesn’t break the bank. A swapping match made in heaven! After turning my wardrobe upside down (quite literally), I decided to do a brutal cull of the clothes I couldn’t remember ever wearing, some of which I’ve…

Oh my gosh it’s all over!

So a few weeks back we finally held the fashion show! It went really well and all the outfits looked amazing! We raised £219.80 or $343.04. 🙂 I was quite impressed though i did have help from my beautiful organised mother and none from my teachers i’m glad we managed to pull it off! I […]