Better get my skates on!

it’s one month till the fashion show! EXACTLY one month! I need to get making items quick or there won’t be anything to display! eek! :S I’ve added to my pinterest board! See if there’s anything you like. I will be doing a post of anything i make so there will most definetly be more […]

Upcycled Tee Shirt Bag DIY

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How many of you have countless amounts of tee shirts lined up in your drawers? Why not transform your tee into something you’ve been eyeing in stores…a cute rocker chic tote, for example. Here at M&J we’re always looking for ways to amp up our clothes. Since it is Earth…

Top 5 Upcycled DIY Projects

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Making Eco-friendly fashion choices can be very costly. Rather than purchasing an Eco friendly garment, revamp something you already have. Earth Day has allowed us to reevaluate the many ways we can refashion our own items. Here are some of our favorite up-cycled DIY projects. Mich L in LA: Wear your Jeans as…

Fringe Bag DIY

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Love fringe? Love studs? This spring time bag update is perfect for you! Rather than buying a new bag revamp one that you already have with some of our favorite trims!SUPPLIES 8” Imported Ultra Suede Fringe- Beige 4MM HF Octagon Rhinestone Stud in Gold Bag Needle Thread Iron…

Top 5 Music Festival Fashion DIYs

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Coachella is quickly approaching and many other festivals are not far along. Even though most people attend these festivals for the music and entertainment factor there is an abundance of style not to be missed. Whether you’re in a neon suit, bikini top or rocking a floral headband…