Oh my gosh it’s all over!

So a few weeks back we finally held the fashion show! It went really well and all the outfits looked amazing! We raised ¬£219.80 or $343.04. ūüôā I was quite impressed though i did have help from my beautiful organised mother and none from my teachers i’m glad we managed to pull it off! I […]

Better get my skates on!

it’s one month till the fashion show! EXACTLY one month! I need to get making items quick or there won’t be anything to display! eek! :S I’ve added to my pinterest board! See if there’s anything you like. I will be doing a post of anything i make so there will most definetly be more […]

So here’s what i’ve made recently…

So¬†I’m¬†quite into the 50’s¬†I¬†think this has a very 50’s feel to it. So¬†I’d¬†been cutting the top into strips and thought that it was the same colour as a skirt¬†I’d¬†bought recently to alter. So I had a brain wave why don’t I put the two¬†together, it was the first thing I did on my¬†new sewing machine. […]

What a day!

So¬†I¬†had and eventful day! Today I accompanied a group of Year 9’s or 9th¬†graders to ‘Bath Costume Museum’ it was rather interesting¬†I¬†have to say. They have loads of clothes displaying fashion from the 1800’s to the 1980’s I found it quite inspirational. ¬†Some of the¬†glamorous¬†dresses they had on display. Dress of the year 2011 on […]

Keep Moving Forward (which surprisingly we are!)

So the Fashion show! This has made substantial progress since¬†December¬†we have a date 23rd May! Clothes are starting to be made which hopefully we can make enough to fill a few racks with! And the lighting plans are being¬†discussed¬†at length! I’m Starting to get¬†ridiculously excited and hopefully we shall continue making lots of progress! The […]

The plan is in motion.

I’ve started making items for the fashion show! With 3 months to go¬†I¬†really need to get a move on! I’ve started making a girls jumper that’s going with the style of varsity jock letterman jacket. very 50’s. I’ve taken the sleeves off one jumper and¬†I¬†need to take the back off and the sleeves off the […]